Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In April of 2015, on April 22 to be exact, I got a phone call that would change the life of our little family. We had just been approved to foster, which was something we did not want to do (at all, ever). We had a room ready and were waiting for our girl.... Micah, on the other hand, had been praying for twins. We chuckled and were  amazed by this far fetched prayer that so specifically involved blonde hair but we continued to pray for this child. 

April 22, after I hung up the phone with the DCS worker, the one that I had just laughed at because he said they had twins and then told that I couldn't get in touch with David because he could not answer his phone at academy and was not getting my messages about 2 little drug babies that needed placement, but hey, we've been married a while and David would be okay and it's all good speech, I went right away and bought these babies their own pajamas, swaddlers and blankets. 

At the NICU the next day, I entered to the worst screaming cry that one could ever imagine. I had only seen adults in withdraw but this was altogether a different thing. The nurse saw me get out a pair of pajamas for Harrison after we gave him a therapeutic bath. I was quickly told that the NICU had a lot of donated things, that I didn't need to go buy this stuff, they had plenty of swaddlers and other things. I told her that I understood but these babies needed their own things, that they deserved to have them. 

Both of my biological babies were given baby showers and lavished with gifts. The twins deserved this too. They deserved someone to be excited for their arrival and someone to want them to have things that were meant just for them. Unfortunately, my babies were an afterthought.... prenatal visits were limited to two times before they arrived 6 weeks early. The need for drugs overrode anything else. There were no baby showers and there was most definately no celebration or announcement of these sweet babies arrival. 

As we approach our adoption date (praise Jesus) we are planning a big party. The kind with balloon animals, bouncy houses, cotton candy, and face painting. "Extravagant" is a word I have heard.... yeah, maybe but we are overjoyed to celebrate this huge thing and to announce to the world that it's official that they are ours, that they are special, and to finally celebrate our sweet twinsies with the celebration that they have deserved all along. 

God is good! 

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